Fantasy sports are strategy-based online sports games where you can create a virtual team of real players, playing in live matches worldwide. You earn points and win prizes based on the performances of these players in matches.

What type of contests can I join?

Choose your preferred sport, select a match within that sport, construct your Kattil11 team, and participate in various contest types such as public, private, head-to-head, or mega contests.

Additionally, you have the option to join contests, or you can enhance your abilities by participating in practice contests before engaging in competitive play against others.

How To Play on Kattil11 App?

Sign Up with your email and mobile number to register on Kattil11 App. Follow the instructions as you set up your player profile. Once done, follow the steps to participate in this game of mind and thrills!

1.Select the match.

2.Join contests .

3.Put your skills to test and create your Fantasy team.

4.Check the real-time leaderboard while you watch the match LIVe.